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Nowadays, healthcare workers are increasingly confronted with the judicialization phenomenon because of the rising numbers of legal actions, convictions but also legislations, as regulations in healthcare law have increased.

KHIASMA AVOCATS is particularly sensitive to the legal evolution in the healthcare sector and will actively assist healthcare professionals, private and public hospital establishments, as well as patients in the healthcare field.



KHIASMA AVOCATS assists you in all types of litigation in the following areas :

  • Medical liability (hospital-acquired infection, obligation to provide information, medial hazard, etc.) ;
  • Defective product.

KHIASMA AVOCATS will ensure :

  • Pre-trial negotiations ;
  • Representation before criminal and administrative courts (texts’ drafting, medical expertise, preparation of the pleadings’ hearing, pleadings) ;
  • Prejudice’s recovery.


In the course of their duties, healthcare workers are exposed to countless sanctions, from a simple warning to temporary or definitive disqualification from practicing with or without probation and the radiation imposed by a disciplinary board.

Given what is at stake, KHIASMA AVOCATS advises and assists healthcare professionals ethically accused and intervenes at all stages of the proceedings before the County Council of the Medical Order or before the disciplinary boards of First Instance or the National Disciplinary Chamber.

Regarding the disciplinary board, the firm handles the statement of defence’s drafting as it is essentially a written proceeding, and from the pleading to the sentencing hearing, for which the healthcare worker’s presence is highly recommended.

KHIASMA AVOCATS will provide the drafting of the briefs, the healthcare workers’ preparation before his peers by holding a hearing simulation and the pleadings’ hearing.