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Fees Policy


The firm displays towards his clients full transparency on billing.

The first appointment’s fee is 200 euros excl. V.A.T, which is taken out of the billing in case the clients choose the firm.

Then, several options can occur :

  • Lump sum fee : The client knows from the outset of the proceeding the definitive amount of the billing.
  • Billing based on time spent : the firm hourly rate ranges from 300 to 450 euros excl. V.A.T depending on the nature and the complexity of the matters in question.
  • Contingency fee arrangement : in addition to those two fees, a contingency fee can be determined by mutual agreement.
  • Subscription : given the nature of the firm’s intervention, a monthly subscription may also be considered.

In any case, a fee agreement will be covered before any intervention, in accordance with our code of ethics.



The courses fees are fixed as follows :

  • Individuals : 200 euros excl. V.A.T. per hour ;
  • Students: 400 euros excl. V.A.T for three hours ;
  • Professionals : 1000 euros excl. V.A.T for a four-hour-long training session.

General legal formations taking place at the firm’s office are free.

The customized legal formations’ fee depends on the number of people attending, the location and the duration. For information purposes, the price for a four-hour-long formation taking place in Paris for about fifteen people is set as 1.500 euros excl. V.A.T.