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Cabinet composé d’avocats pénalistes et affairistes

Criminal Law

Nowadays, penal policy is undeniably becoming more and more repressive.

Undoubtedly, an increasing number of prison sentences are pronounced by the courts while liberties and custody judges are imposing more and more preventive detentions.

Whether you’re the accused or the victim, the criminal system is extremely difficult to control and to stop.

KHIASMA AVOCATS will assist you at all stages of the proceedings including different types of offences.



KHIASMA AVOCATS is composed of former Conference Secretaries and is frequently involved in areas with regard to :

  • Terrorism (terrorist attack, criminal conspiracy in connection with a terrorist enterprise …) ;
  • Crimes and offences against persons (rape, murder, assault, moral and sexual harrasment …)
  • Organized crime (drug trafficking, sex trafficking, robbery…) ;
  • Crimes and offenses against property (robberies of all kinds, fencing, …)
  • Business criminal law (organized fraud, …)
  • Digital criminal law (digital identity theft, automatic data processing system’s violation, …)


KHIASMA AVOCATS will assist you whether you’re accused or the victim at all stages of the proceedings.


  • Police custody : Our team will assist you exercising your rights and will help you choose the right strategy to adopt towards investigators.
  • Investigation of the case : Our team will analyze your case, define the most appropriate defence strategy and request the examining magistrate the legal acts (request for temporary release in case of a detention pending trial, expertise or investigation activities request…) as well as preparing you to answer questions.
  • Trial : Our team will prepare you to face the hearing and will plead your case ;
  • Sentence adjustment : In the event of a conviction, our firm will assist you before  the judge in order to convince him to use accommodating solutions (conditional release, electronic monitoring device, day parole…).


  • Damages global analysis : If you are a criminal offence’s victim, KHIASMA AVOCATS will analyse all the resulting damages (suffering endured, sexual, aesthetic…) ;
  • Complaint or direct proceeding : KHIASMA AVOCATS will suggest an adapted litigation strategy, draft the complaint and will either submit a complaint or a direct proceeding.
  • Civil action complaint : In case of a dismissed complaint, KHIASMA AVOCATS will file a civil action complaint in order to refer the case to an examining magistrate ;
  • Investigation of the case : KHIASMA AVOCATS will assist you throughout the hearings and confrontations before the examining magistrate ;
  • Trial : KHIASMA AVOCATS will prepare you for the hearing and plead your case ;
  • Compensation : Once the decision has been made, KHIASMA AVOCATS will refer to the Compensation Board for the victims of crimes (CIVI) in order to obtain the effective payment of your compensation.



KHIASMA AVOCATS does not underestimate the accused or the victim’s role in the criminal procedure.

Their interventions are crucial and decisive in the court’s decision making process.

However, an observation must be made : it can be really impressive to testify before  a magistrate during a public hearing and people usually don’t respond in the best manner. This is the result of a lack of preparation.

KHIASMA AVOCATS then offers custodial interrogation simulations in order to be well prepared and truly heard by working on these following points :

  • Consistency between your speech and the facts of the case ;
  • Life and rehabilitation project consistency ;
  • Body language ;