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Cabinet composé d’avocats pénalistes et affairistes

Creation, trademarks and inventions

KHIASMA AVOCATS is committed to protect, defend and enhance :

  • Your literary and artistic works ;
  • Your trademarks, designs or any other distinguishing marks ;
  • Your inventions.



KHIASMA AVOCATS will help you develop your intangible assets :

  • Creations’ analysis and art or new technologies market positioning ;
  • Designs’ proof ;
  • Operating agreements ‘drafting and negotiation’ (sale, licensing, edition, production, etc.) ;
  • Operating risks analysis ;
  • Search of prior trademarks, designs and patents ;
  • Support for trademarks, designs and patents’ applications and renewals (INPI, WIPO, OHIM, etc.)



KHIASMA AVOCATS will assist you in the event of litigation before civil, commercial or criminal courts but also with specialized courts before the INPI (French National Institute of Industrial Property) and the WIPO.

  • Implementation of a legal watch ;
  • Analysis and suggestion of a litigation strategy ;
  • Formal notice drafting ;
  • Negotiation in the event of a transaction ;
  • Infringement litigations ;
  • Unfair competition and free riding litigations.