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Litigations are common between tenants and owners.

KHIASMA AVOCATS consciously took the decision to assist tenants in litigations they can encounter with their lessor (private landlord, social housing…) :

  • Substandard housing ;
  • Maintenance ;
  • Endangerment of the tenant ;
  • Increase of the rents and charges.


KHIASMA AVOCATS is composed of lawyers who are closely familiar with the defence of tenants with a private lease, whose building has been acquired by a social housing entity and whose rents have been increased because of a derogatory maximum rent and a solidarity extra rent.

With the decision delivered on 17th December 2019, the Paris Court of Appeal ruled in favor of the tenants, indicating that the social landlord was required to regularize a new lease – according to the article L.353-7 of the French Construction and Housing Code – if he wanted to increase the rent of the tenants.