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Tax Law

In a time of regulatory instability, tax issues are particularly hard to predict.

Yet, consequences can be dramatic, for individuals and businesses alike.

KHIASMA AVOCATS will assist you regarding tax law’s regulation and management.



KHIASMA AVOCATS is well aware of the difficulty of managing directly and personally your estate’s tax aspects.

Therefore, our team will advise you in these areas :

  • Income tax return
  • Income tax optimization, assets sale, purchase, etc.
  • National and international tax risks evaluation
  • Deficits management
  • Investments and disinvestments’ taxation
  • Restructuring
  • Tax privileges
  • Real estate VAT
  • Rents and capital gains’ tax legislation
  • Donation and inheritance


The help of a tax professional is necessary in case of tax litigations since he will be a privileged intermediary with the tax administration.

KHIASMA AVOCATS will assist you as effectively as possible, in particular in the following :

  • Tax audit procedures (individuals or companies)
  • Regularization procedure
  • Taxes contestation before European or French courts.