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Employment Law

KHIASMA AVOCATS regularly intervenes in relations between employers and employees and brings its clients a dual expertise in counsel as well as litigation before labor courts.

As a general rule, KHIASMA AVOCATS favors negotiation and amicable dispute resolution in order to prevent, to the extent possible, lengthy legal proceedings.

Therefore, KHIASMA AVOCATS will assist you regarding the following sectors:

Negotiation / Legal acts drafting:

  • Employment contract;
  • Rule of procedure;
  • Departure’s negotiation and follow-up (conventional termination, transaction, voluntary departure and retirement).

Individual and collective relations:

  • Counselling and assistance handling and preventing specific issues: workplace harassment, strike, kidnapping, undeclared labor, discrimination…
  • Ensuring compliance with legislation relating to working hours, undeclared and illegal labor, illegal subcontracting

Collective and individual disputes before courts:

  • Industrial Tribunal;
  • Tribunal des Affaires de la Sécurité Sociale (TASS) : industrial accident, occupational diseases, inexcusable misconduct ;
  • Court of appeal.