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You’re involved in a court procedure or accused in the media (printed press, Internet, social media…), it is then necessary to react quickly, and if possible to anticipate these issues in order to preserve your reputation and interests, or those of your company.

KHIASMA AVOCATS assists and advises you to adapt your communication in prevention or reaction to any statement that can be defamatory, false, offensive or violating the presumption of innocence.



KHIASMA AVOCATS is conducting a clean-up strategy in order to efficiently and durably erase all statements that may tarnish your identity, your image or your reputation.

KHIASMA AVOCATS will conduct an audit of online data (comments, referencing, personal data, image, use of your trademarks) about you personally or your company.

After selecting those you accept to remain online, KHIASMA AVOCATS will take action against website’s publishers and hosts, service providers or search engines in order to cancel any unwanted data by exercising your opposition or oversight’s rights.



In case of serious violations of your elementary personality rights, an offensive reaction is sometimes necessary.

KHIASMA AVOCATS uses all communication medium to restore your reputation :

  • Creation and online publications (videos, texts, Facebook profiles…) ;
  • KHIASMA AVOCATS press relations exploitation (print, radio and television) and media coverage of ongoing or possible procedures (for instance an action in the court for libel or slander) ;
  • Interview simulation or public interventions’ drafting (media training).