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COVID-19: legal action

« The state counts the money, we’ll count the dead »

A banner of hospital workers protesting in 2019 read. The pain has arrived.

This unprecedented health crisis, which is turning into a real state scandal, has the merit of revealing to the French people the rotten face of French health policy.

To date, the heroic caregivers are on the front line, risking their lives and trying to make up for the government’s shortcomings, while the citizens, confined and exposed to the risk of contamination, are paying the consequences.

Let us not be afraid to write it: the bad management by the Government of this sanitary crisis is the direct cause of the appalling number of deaths and the time of confinement will give way in a few months to the judicial time.

KHIASMA AVOCATS proposes several actions to ensure that those responsible for this health crisis are identified, sanctioned and that the damage is repaired: referral to the Court of Justice of the Republic against the members of the government, action for liability against the State before the competent courts.